2019 Nissan Altima reviews released

The 2019 Nissan Atima was unveiled at the New York Auto Show last April and quickly caused a stir among the trade press and consumers.

Powerful and fast, the Altima is now more advanced than ever in terms of safety and refinement. It also offers a host of new features, starting with all-wheel drive. Let's take a closer look at the media's impressions. True to the brand's latest products, the 2019 Nissan Altima adopts a sharper silhouette that once again incorporates this "floating pillar" at the rear, but also a more imposing version of this "V" grille at the front. It's all a matter of taste here. However, I don't hate the muzzle of the new Altima, the expansive radiator grille is better integrated than the Maxima, for example. Thinned light units forced designers to move the turn signals above the fog lights. With this more muscular design, the ridges on the sidewalls stand out more, especially near the A-pillar at the base of the hood; it might even be a bit too busy for some! Behind, the knife-cut side lights give the car the impression of increased width, while the diffuser adds a touch of sportiness to the whole. Nissan offers two sizes of rims for its Canadian model: 17 inches on the S and SV, and 19 inches on the Platinum Edition and Edition One, the latter is only planned to 250 copies for the Canadian market - RPM 


The power is more than sufficient. The CVT transmission is as good and skillful as any other modern continuously variable transmission. In terms of efficiency, the new Altima is very fuel efficient. The S and SV versions consume 9.1 L / 100km in the city and 6.5 L / 100km on the highway for a combined 7.9L / 100 km. The data for the Platinum are 9.3 / 6.7 / 8.1 respectively. Those stats downgrade those of the Subaru Legacy, and wipe out those of the all-wheel-drive Ford Fusion. Driving the new 2019 Nissan Altima is undoubtedly fun. The new platform, with revised electric steering and new suspension, is tuned for comfort, but not at the expense of driver involvement and satisfaction. This is the surprise and what impresses the most - EcoloAuto 

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Posted in On Dec 30, 2018