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With MaNISSAN and NissanConnect(MC), control your vehicle and plan your journeys from your mobile. Special features available for electric ARIYAs. Even without a subscription, the app provides maintenance scheduling, service history, and road assistance.

In conjunction with NissanConnectᴹᴰ services: Maximize your vehicle’s potential from anywhere.

Every Nissan vehicle owner in Canada has the opportunity to use the MaNISSAN app, and those with an active subscription to NissanConnectᴹᴰ services gain access to enhanced features. Explore all the functionalities available through the app when you are subscribed to NissanConnectᴹᴰ services.

MyNISSAN Application Features and Services

Whether you are a seasoned user of the Nissan mobile app or you are just getting started in the world of Nissan applications, here you can find out how the features of the MaNISSAN app can enhance your driving experience.



In the event of an accident or a roadside incident, the MaNISSAN app has the capability to connect you with the necessary services.

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing Service Information
  • Collision Support
  • Emergency Contact



Keep accurate track of your maintenance history and regularly monitor your vehicle’s condition with tools such as remote odometer tracking and tire pressure monitoring functions.

  • Recall Alerts and Vehicle Notifications
  • Maintenance History Log
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Warranty Information
  • Vehicle Condition Report
  • Remote Odometer Tracking
  • Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring

mynissan Remote

Remote Vehicle Functions

Turn on, turn off, lock, and more from the Controls section of the MaNISSAN app, depending on your subscription choice.

  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Horn
  • Lighting Functions
  • Location Services
  • Points of Interest Search



Keep a comprehensive record of ownership information for one or multiple Nissan vehicles, including your owner profile, vehicle details, as well as important guides and manuals.

  • Driver’s Manuals
  • Adding & Removing Vehicles, VINs, and License Plates
  • Profile Management
  • Communication Preferences
  • Privacy, Policies, and Permissions
  • Subscription Information
  • Remote Data Deletion



Receive alerts if your vehicle crosses defined boundaries, exceeds a set speed, or even surpasses a selected time.

  • Valet Service Alert
  • Boundary Control Alert
  • Curfew Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Theft Tracking

Customer Support

Customer Support

Not sure which feature you are looking for, or you know the feature but can’t find it here? The MaNISSAN app has an answer for that too.

  • Dealership Locator with Opening Hours
  • Link to Nissan Credit Finance (NCF)


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Use the MaNISSAN features through the Nissan owners' portal.