Nissan presents new Ariya concept in Tokyo

The Tokyo Auto Show is known for its somewhat special concepts, but sometimes these models give us a good glimpse of what to expect from a given manufacturer. A perfect example of this is the Nissan Ariya concept showcased at the Tokyo Auto Show last week It is a fully electric SUV that just might show us what Nissan's next production electric vehicle will look like. It could even be the next Nissan LEAF. The Ariya Concept is a sport utility, but it wouldn't be hard to imagine it as a car. The interior is very modern with a 12.3-inch central screen and the KOI assist system integrated into the dashboard. It is not known what powers the Ariya except for the fact that it is a two electric motor system that would power both axles. The Nissan Ariya will therefore be entitled to all-wheel drive.

Posted in on Oct 28, 2019