How to choose the right used vehicle

How to choose the right used vehicle

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Published on April 26, 2022

Used vehicles are an advantageous option on several levels, particularly in terms of value for money. However, in such an abundant market, making a choice can be very difficult!

L’Ami Junior Nissan helps you choose your used car by considering criteria such as your budget, your needs, your preferences and the shopping experience.

Buying a Used Car: Calculating Your Budget

If you’re thinking about buying a used car, this is probably the first factor that comes to mind: the budget related to buying a car. Although payments can be easily distributed over a long period of time thanks to financing solutions, the initial price is not the only aspect to consider.

Fuel consumption is a factor that can greatly affect the monthly cost of your vehicle. So be sure to ask about the models you’re interested in and what they cost in terms of fuel if your budget is limited. Hybrid or electric models are sometimes available in dealerships as well: you could combine business with pleasure by adopting a greener driving style!

When calculating your budget, also consider parts and their cost, which differs from brand to brand. Larger diameter tires are attractive, but keep in mind that when you need to buy new ones, the price will be considerably higher; for example, 15-inch wheels will be cheaper than 20-inch wheels. In short, calculate your budget based on the following costs:

  • Car payments
  • Fuel consumption
  • Parts and maintenance
  • Tires

Used Car: Identifying Your Needs

Do you use your vehicle for shopping around town or for traveling off the beaten tracks? Are you a single person, a couple, do you have a large family? These are all factors that will undoubtedly influence the car you need.

Cars such as sedans or coupés are often advertised as models with better fuel economy and a sportier driving feel. On the contrary, an SUV will be known for its ability to handle snow banks, its cargo and/or towing capacity, etc. Choices are endless:

  • Coupés and sports cars
  • Sedans
  • Crossovers
  • Compact/midsize/large SUVs
  • Minivans
  • Trucks

Used vehicles for sale have varying mileage. The more you drive, the lower the mileage you’ll want to choose; if you don’t use the car much, this is less important. So before you choose your vehicle, identify your driving habits and daily needs.

Test Drive the Used Car for Sale

Once you’ve established your needs and budget and sorted the cars according to your preferences, it’s time to test drive the car or cars you are interested in. Take the time to:

  • Sit down and check out the seats
  • Try out the infotainment system
  • Take a test drive

Then pay close attention to how you feel, how much space you have in the car, etc. Finding the right car depends on personal factors, so choose the one that fits your ideal!

Choosing the Right Dealer

For an optimal shopping experience and truly personalized advice, the choice of dealer is crucial; you don’t want to experience a pressure sale. Carl Nadeau, automotive columnist, particularly appreciates the L’Ami Junior Group for this reason:

“In the L’Ami Junior group, everything is carried out in perfect transparency, without pressure. We want to help the customer; we want them to feel good about the process.”

This transparency ranges from the fair value of the used vehicle to the quality of the advice given. Moreover, since there is a large group of dealerships in the region, you have access to a varied inventory of used cars for sale. Your Nissan dealer offers you several models of the brand, but also those of many other car manufacturers.

L’Ami Junior Nissan also improves the shopping experience with interesting options such as telefinance, which allows you to experience financial services 100% remotely.

When it comes to financing, note also that L’Ami Auto Crédit, a specialized credit bureau is part of the Group. If you have experienced or are still experiencing financial difficulties or have often been turned down for a loan, take advantage of personalized options such as second or third chance credit.

Your dealership in Saguenay near Jonquière has many new and used car models just waiting for you. L’Ami Junior Nissan gives you personalized advice!

Image of a dealer with display cars and two people (an agent and a private individual) talking about the cars

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