SteamXpro, The advanced decontamination solution! STEAMXPRO THE ADVANCED DECONTAMINATION SOLUTION! EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE AMI JUNIOR GROUP The Ami Junior has signed an exclusive agreement with the company specializing in dry steam decontamination SteamXpro which will ensure the safety of its customers and employees. SteamXPro is given by professionals who have been trained in cleaning and decontamination standards. SteamXpro performs a deep cleaning process without chemical agents that penetrates all fabrics and surfaces by eliminating microorganisms, various bacteria and viruses. The result? A clean and sanitized interior! In addition to being used to clean the interior of vehicles, SteamXpro can decontaminate the body. While the more conventional methods (pressure or hand cleaning) have the effect of embedding the dirt in the protective layer of the paint, SteamXpro offers non-contact cleaning for a much better result! SteamXpro is an ecological solution! Dry steam saves a lot of water with each cleaning. Trusting SteamXpro means encouraging an eco-responsible initiative. It is used: for all vehicles entering and leaving the service;for all cars in road tests;for all courtesies;for vehicles in delivery With SteamXpro's steam decontamination services, the 'Ami Junior is strengthening its health and safety procedures, thereby minimizing the risk of the virus spreading. At L’Ami Junior, your safety is our priority!

Posted in On May 01, 2020