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The All-New 2023 Nissan Z®

400-hp Twin-Turbo V6

Simply the most powerful Z ever offered. Experience 3.0 litres of pure exhilaration courtesy of a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6. The all-new 2023 Z stays true to its performance roots, with a powerful 6-cylinder under the hood. A front midship, rear-wheel-drive design places the engine farther back in the chassis for enhanced balance, while a new suspension makes you feel hard-wired to the road. It’s an authentic sports car in the purest sense of the term. 

6-Speed Manual Transmission

The purest connection between driver and machine. New synchros on first and second gear help any driver handle the added power. It’s not a sports car without a manual transmission. The new first- and second-gear synchros are designed to help handle the Z's powerful twin-turbo engine. Enhancing the connection, the shift mechanism has been redesigned for a more direct response you can really feel.

Iconic Design

Long hood, short deck, wide stance and quality craftsmanship. Pure sports car, unmistakably Z. The all-new Nissan Z serves up classic sports car proportions of a long hood and a short rear deck. Combined with iconic Z styling elements, it creates a design that is completely modern, yet immediately identifiable as a Nissan Z.

*Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only and that the selected vehicle trim may differ from the image displayed. Contact your dealer for more details.

Relive the reveal

If you weren’t able to see the all-new 2023 Nissan Z make its debut in the original live broadcast, you can catch it right here. Watch now to experience the next-generation Z, and discover the exciting new features.

Always in your element

Crafted to bring out your best performance, the Z's interior holds you firmly in place through every curve, with room to move. Advanced technology serves up everything you need to know and nothing you don’t, with classic design that never forgets what a true sports car must be.

Redesigned cockpit

Focused on the driver, the all-new Z keeps you in the loop with a new digital gauge cluster and an available 8-inch centre touchscreen display. It also offers an optional Wi-Fi hotspot and remote access. 

New performance seats

The Z features a new seat design that offers impressive lateral support, along with anti-slip material and a slide-reducing centre pad in the lower seat cushion. Knee bolsters work with the performance seats to help keep the driver in place.

GT-R®-inspired steering wheel

Point to the future with a nod to our history. The leather-wrapped rim is thicker than the current GT-R, while the unique groove at the top of the wheel was inspired by the legendary GT-R R32. 

Race car driver-designed gauges

Tap into the Z's Sport Mode screen, one of three selectable screens on the digital dashboard. It was designed with input from Tsugio Matsuda, a racer for NISMO® who competes in Japan's Super GT racing series.

Legendary triple-pod cluster

Legacy meets next-wave design. In the all-new 2023 Z, you get key information at a glance, including turbo boost, turbine speed and voltage via the enhanced triple pod cluster.

*Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only and that the selected vehicle trim may differ from the image displayed. Contact your dealer for more details.

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