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We Have the Vehicle of Your Dreams!

You are looking for a car, SUV or truck of the Japanese brand Nissan. You browse through our website and stop at a vehicle that exactly meets your needs. You look at its features, functionalities and one version appeals to you more than the others.

After reviewing the vehicle of your dreams, you have the desire to take the next step, but you also want to make sure we have it in stock.

By filling out the online form, we will let you know that we have the exact vehicle you just looked at on our site. We will reserve it for you while you come and take it for a test drive.

Since L’Ami Junior Nissan has a vast inventory of new and used vehicles. You can rest assured we have your vehicle in stock at our dealership!

You now have the opportunity to reserve and check the availability of your next Nissan.

Our team is committed to offering you the best and to making your life easier. After your road test, we can even deliver your vehicle to your home when you take possession of it.

L’Ami Junior Nissan likes to simplify things and make your customer experience enriching. Check the availability of your next Nissan today!